The Source Of Infinite Love
Artwork by Justin 'TopRock' McKenzie
@ jazzre:freshed

Seymour Nurse's Guest Mix:
"The Source of Infinite Love"
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Jazz Refreshed

The Jazz Workshop With Nick Hosier & Special Guest Seymour Nurse On Stomp Radio (July 11th 2015)

Nick Hosier's Jazz Workshop
Nick Hosier

Seymour Nurse Special Guest On:
Nick Hosier's 'Jazz Workshop'
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The eminent Phil Levene is back with
"The Fusion Room", playing an eclectic mixture
of Jazz in its various expressions at "The Village".
With Ginger Tony, Garth "Boogiebwoy" and guests.
(Click On The Link Below For Details) The Village Fusion Room

Listen to Nick Hosier playing the most inspiring Jazz every Wednesday night between 10pm - 1am @
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Tune into DJ Harv playing the best in Jazz, Fusion, Brazilian, Latin... delivered with a touch of soul, every Tuesday morning between 7am - 12pm
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Listen to the legendary Colin Parnell
(who was spinning the Jazz classics in clubs before they became 'classics') playing the best quality Jazz every last Sunday of the month between 7pm - 9pm
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The Enduring "Shiftless Shuffle"
Monthly Jazz Dancers Club Session
At "Dukes" (Aldgate, London EC3A 7DB)
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Shiftless Shuffle Club

Max Look dj's Blog, featuring enlightening and interesting esoteric perspectives on music, as well as some very well
researched eclectic mix tape selections Max Look

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Holy Roller Productions

Gilles Peterson Worldwide
"Searching For The Perfect Beat"
Gilles Peterson Worldwide

UK Vibe: Jazz Culture Online
UK Vibe

The Bottom End recommends
"Zafs Music" for the finest collection of rare vinyl, from the legendary music connoisseur Zafar Chowdhry
Zaf's Music

Adrian Nurse Sketches
Adrian's Thor Collage
Adrian Nurse Sketchbook

The Bottom End Blog:
The Jazz Fusion Dance Movement

Jazz Music

We Djs are merely presenting other people's work, for the musicians themselves are the "Music Makers" and the "Dreamers of the Dreams"

Alphonse Mouzon
Much gratitude and respect to my favourite jazz drummer, the one and only Alphonse Mouzon. If I hear amazing thunder patterns in the sky,
I will know that it's Alphonse jamming in the heavenly realms...
Have a magical transition.
Alphonse Mouzon
November 21st 1948 - December 25th 2016

The Black Panther
"The Black Panther"
Artwork by Lionel Cornelius Jr

Seymour Nurse's "Silver Surfer" Jazz Mixes
"The Infinity Vortex" Series
at "Planet Zenn-La"

The Silver Surfer
"The Silver Surfer"
Artwork by Michael Turner

The Source of Infinite Love

Seymour Nurse's Guest Mix:
"The Source of Infinite Love"
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Seymour Nurse's "Silver Surfer" Jazz Mix at
"The Eye of Infinity"

Seymour Nurse's "Silver Surfer" Jazz Mix at
"Dimensions of Infinite Possibilities"

Seymour Nurse's "Silver Surfer" Jazz Mix at
"Transcending All That We Know"

Seymour Nurse's "Jazzifunk" Club Jazz Room Music Chart

Dj Seymour Nurse
Photograph by Garth "Boogiebwoy" Thomas

The Seymour Surfer
"The Seymour Surfer"
Artwork by Adrian Nurse