The Janet Lawson Quintet

Flyer of The Janet Lawson Quintet courtesy of Giant Studios

The Janet Lawson Quintet
The Janet Lawson Quinet- Dreams Can Be
Janet Lawson- Dindi
Eddie Jefferson- The Main Man
David Lahm- Real Jazz For The Folks Who Feel Jazz
Bob Dorough- This Is A Recording Of Pop Art Songs
Jazz Juice 3- (So High)
Jeff Stambovsky- What Do You Know Kid?
Tana Reid- Back To Front (Lyricist on Perpetual Stroll)
Jazz Spectrum- (Dindi)
Capitol Rare- (Dindi)
Celeste Sound- The Janet Lawson Quintet
Cambria Music- The Janet Lawson Quintet
Jazzanova- Blue Note Trip (Dindi)
Sunday Afternoon At Dingwalls- (Sunday Afternoon)

"The Janet Lawson Quintet" and "Dreams Can Be" albums are available on one CD.

*This includes two bonus tracks, "Shazam (Captain Marvel)" and "Harolds House Of Jazz", which Janet Lawson recorded with David Lahm on the album, "Real Jazz For The Folks Who Feel Jazz".

Celeste Sound- The Janet Lawson Quintet

This CD is available on: Celeste Sound

Another CD containing 'selections' from the two Janet Lawson Quintet albums,

Cambria Music- The Janet Lawson Quintet

is also available on: Cambria Music

Note: Check the tracklisting before purchasing these CDs, as some of the Celeste and Cambria covers have the same picture.

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Exclusive interview with dynamic Jazz vocalist Janet Lawson

"The Queen Of Scat"

Janet Lawson
Janet Lawson

Photo By Walter Bredel

The vocalist who gave us the Jazz Dancers' classic "So High", "Dindi", "Shazam/Captain Marvel" (David Lahm), "Dreams Can Be", as well as other musical gems, talks exclusively to Seymour Nurse at The Bottom End.

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